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Competition Diet Plan Phase Two


Bodybuilding rear lat spread poseI started Phase Two of my diet eight weeks out from the contest.  Phase One was a great shock for me and I was pleased with my results but by eight weeks out I started to notice a slowdown in the amount of body fat that I was burning.  I tracked my body fat percentage weekly during the competition diet phase and one issue that I ran into was that my fat percentage only decreased by a quarter of a percent between the ninth and eight week period of the diet.  Up to this point I had been dropping about one percent in body fat a week so I became nervous knowing that my metabolism was starting to slow down.

No different then anyone else, I did what most people would do in this situation, I instantly dropped my calories.  Although I do think it is important and necessary to reduce calories during a contest dieting program, I do feel I could have saved myself some aggravation by implementing a cheat meal into the diet program.  However, I'll go over that in more detail in Phase Three.

Phase Two: 8 weeks out from the competition

  Meal One (6:30 AM)  
    14 egg whites  
    5 TBSP Cream of Wheat  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
Meal Two (9:30/10:00 AM)
    2 cans of Tuna (in spring water)  
    3/4 cup of rice  
  Meal Three (12:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    6 oz potato  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
  Meal Four (3:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    1/2 cup of rice  
  Meal Five (6:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    Salad or green beans (or broccoli)  
  Meal Six (8:30/9:00 PM)  
    14 egg whites  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
  Calories: 2402  
  Carbs: 182.97  
  Protein:  329.4  
  Fats: 26.65  
  Fat % of Diet: 9.98%  

My water intake and the condiments that I used did not change during this phase of the diet.  If you notice in the diet, the only real changes that I made were to my carbohydrate intake.  My protein stayed consistent and I dropped my calories a little over 100 grams per day.

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