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Competition Diet Plan Phase Four


Bodybuilding most muscular poseFive weeks out from the show I noticed a slight increase in my body fat percentage.  Although my body fat percentages only increased by .02 percent over a three-day period, I saw this a s a warning sign for potential disaster.  In order for me to get back on track, I decided to do two things:  one was to up my cardio, the second was to again lower my daily carbohydrate intake.  I still felt that the carbohydrate loading days from Phase Three were still helping get through the week.  Since my energy levels were getting so low now, I decided to keep both Wednesday and Sundays carb loading days in the diet.

Phase Two: 5 weeks out from the competition.  Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat (no changes to Wed and Sun)

  Meal One (6:30 AM)  
    14 egg whites  
    4 TBSP Cream of Wheat  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
Meal Two (9:30/10:00 AM)
    2 cans of Tuna (in spring water)  
    1/2 cups of rice  
  Meal Three (12:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    5 oz potato  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
  Meal Four (3:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    1/2 cup of rice  
  Meal Five (6:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    Salad or green beans (or broccoli)  
  Meal Six (8:30/9:00 PM)  
    14 egg whites  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
  Calories: 2251  
  Carbs: 149.45  
  Protein:  326.25  
  Fats: 16.625  
  Fat % of Diet: 7.44%  

My water intake and the condiments that I used still did not change during this phase of the diet.  My carbohydrate intake took a little dive at this stage of the diet

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