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Competition Diet Plan Phase Five and Six


Bodybuilding most muscular poseDuring Phase Five of the diet I kept everything the same with the exception of occasionally adding an additional chicken breast or a few more egg whites to my meals to help me surpass the hunger pains.  However, I did notice that after my Wednesday carb loading days that I would hold water for two or three additional days.  Also towards the end of the precontest diet my fat burning results, as expected, has slowed down a little bit.  I decided to remove the Wednesday carb loading days from my diet and stuck with only loading on Sundays from this point on.  I made these changes two and a half weeks out from the show.

There are two reasons why kept my Sunday carb loading days in my diet.  First of all, I was still able to shock my body by changing the diet.  At this point I did not want to take any chances on letting my body adapt to the diet.  Secondly, I for some reason did not have the same water retention problems from Sundays loading as I did from the Wednesday carb loads. I believe that the problem was that I was carb loading twice a week and the second loading day was the one that that caused the water retention.

Phase Six:  The final week

Now I was down to the final week and all my hard work was about to pay off.  My goal at this point was to remove as my subcutaneous water as possible from my body.  I had pretty much shredded as much body fat as I was going to by this point so the goal now was not to have water under the skin.  Four days before the show I started cutting my sodium level in half.  Each day I would eat 50 percent less sodium than the day before.  I decreased the sodium in my diet by slowly substituting eggs with chicken and turkey.  Also, the Wednesday before the show I increased the amount of my water intake.  I went from drinking a little over one gallon a water a day to two gallons of water a day.  I kept my water intake high until Friday afternoon where I only drank water when I was thirsty.

By Friday evening it was time to shock my system one last time.  Have you ever noticed, those of you that have competed before, how a lot bodybuilders look better the day after the show then the actual day of the contest?  I believe that one of the main contributing factors for this reason is that a lot of competitors over diet during the precontest stage.  My goal was to peek the day of the show, not the day after. Basically to shock my system I went out and ate a large steak, baked potato with all the trimmings, cake and ice-cream the night before the show (I did find out the hard way at another one of my contest that you should avoid dairy products before when you shock your system like this).  I then woke up at 2:00 in the morning and ate pancakes with ice-cream.  The morning of the show I was harder and more vascular then I had been throughout the entire diet.  The shock from the night before made huge improvements to my physique.

A word of caution.  If you consider to shock your system like this then you must test it first at least two weeks out from your show.  Everyone responds differently and I would hate to see someone's hard work diminish overnight.  You need to understand that shocking your body like this is a gamble and it could cost you if you do it incorrectly.



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