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Twenty-ones - Bicep Workout for Mass Routine


If you are looking for a new and effective way to shock you bicep workouts then I recommend giving 21's a try. Twenty-ones take the traditional bicep curl, manipulate and twist it around to create a mind bogging monster of a workout. Now the type of bar you use for 21's is up to you, they can be preformed by a straight bar or an EZ-curl bar. I personally prefer to use the EZ-curl bar since it produces less strain on my wrist. However, I recommend using which ever bar is the most comfortable to you.

Before you begin, you will want to pick out weight that you can handle for 21 reps. I recommend starting out with about half your normal workout weight for bicep curls. You can always increase the weight later on if necessary. If you start out too heavy you will not be able to effectively perform the workout.

21's are broken down into three different steps of seven reps each

The first step is to perform seven full reps of barbell curls. The rep for the bicep curl should start at the thigh, peak near the shoulders and end back at the thigh. Make sure that you squeeze the biceps at the top of the movement to force as much blood as possible into the muscles.

The second step is a partial rep from the thighs to the waist. With your hands gripping the bar at the bottom of the movement (bar lying against the upper thigh), curl the bar halfway up your body just above the waist (forearms should end up being parallel with the floor). Squeeze the bicep at the top of the movement, a little above the waste in this case, and lower the weight back to the original position. Repeat this step six times; on the seventh rep you will curl the bar all the way to the shoulders (a full bicep rep).

Now without skipping a beat you will move onto the next and final step. With your arms now at the top of the movement (the shoulders), lower the weights halfway down your body (right above the waist), pause for a second and bring the bar back to the shoulders. Repeat this step for seven reps.

If done correctly, your biceps should be screaming by the last rep. Add three sets of these to your regular bicep workout as a way to shock your biceps into some good growth.




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