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Lean Body Gold Bars   Lean Body Gold Review
Great tasting high protein bar that is great for those on the run.  Labrada Nutrition is known for the quality of their products and the Lean Body Gold Protein bar lives up to the brands reputation.
Odwalla Super Protein Bar   Odwalla Super Protein Bar Review
The Odwalla Super Protein bar is one of the best tasting protein bars that I have tried.  The best thing about these bars is that they also do not contain any artificial sweeteners.
Oh Yeah! Protein Bars   Oh Yeah! Protein Bar Review
The ISS Research Oh Yeah Protein Bars taste great without loading you down with a bunch of sugar.  For a protein bar they stack up pretty well with a fat and sugar content that equal those of a candy bar.  If you are on the run the Oh Yeah! protein bar is a great tasting way to get your protein.
PowerBar   Powerbar Review
PowerBars are used to increase energy before intensive workouts.  They do taste great but the sugar content of the bar should not be ignored.
Promax Protein Bar Review   Promax Protein Bars Review
At 290 calories per bar, the Promax protein bars pack in only 6 grams of fat with 20 grams of protein.  The big question is whether or not it is worth your investment.
    Special K Protein Bars
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