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  Armageddon:  Call to War

When you close your eyes and picture an angel in your mind, what do you see?  Do you see a very elegant being in a robe or a mighty warrior ready to remove any harm that may come your way?  In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with either visual but I myself prefer the latter of the two.  You see, I view angels as very powerful beings, I personally view them as warriors ready for battle!

To say that my angles are very unique is an understatement.  I have searched all over the web ,and brick and mortar stores, and have never found another artist create anything like this.

"Armageddon:  Call to War" was the first angel sculpture that I sculpted and the only one that I have released to the public.  My other sculptures of angels are one of a kinds and part of my private collection. 

- You can view one of my other angels, "The Guardian", on the sculpting demo page on this website.

"Armageddon: Call to War" is a sculpture of an angel blowing the horn to start the war to end all wars (Armageddon).  In the angels left hand is a massive horn that he has brought to his lips to yield the sounds to the beginning of the war.  Extended in the right hand of the angel is his mighty sword.

The Armageddon sculpture was a challenge in itself. I spent well over a hundred hours creating this sculpture.  Hours upon hours went in both research and sculpting each individual piece in this sculpture.  The arms, the legs, the torso, everything took an incredible amount of time to create.

I poured my heart and soul into this sculpture and can truly say that even though it was one of my early pieces it is still to this day one of my personal favorites.  The sculpture is extremely dynamic and feels as if he is moving before your eyes.  You can almost sense that as soon as the horn drops the angel is about to take flight and unleash his powerful sword against his enemies. 

"Armageddon: Call to War" was professionally casted in the United States by a master caster.  The sculpture is a solid cast of resin mixed with marble.  The weight of the sculpture is around fourteen pounds!.  Each individual sculpture has been hand painted with a bronze finish by me. 

The dimensions for the sculpture are:

Height: 15.5 inches
Width: 13 inches
Depth: 6 inches
Weight: 14 pounds!

Since this is the first of many angels to be put into production, I have set a very reasonable price of $300 for this work of art.  I only have a few of these sculptures left so if you are interested email me at for their current availability. 

*Due to the weight of the sculpture, shipping is around $20 to $25 in the continental US.  Also, 8.025% tax rate is applied to Texas residents.


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