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HeavyWeight Gainer 900 Review


Key Features:

* 630 Calories per serving
* 35 g protein
* 1 g fat
* 45 g sugar

Manufacturer:  Champion Nutrition
Price:  $17.79 & $29.79 (7 lbs)

HeavyWeight Gainer 900Brief Description

Champion Nutrition's HeavyWeight Gainer 900 has a great taste, is loaded with protein and other nutrients and comes at a very affordable price.  Champion Nutrition's HeavyWeight Gainer 900 comes in both a 3.3 and 7 pound containers.  Click on the individual links below for the latest deals.
 * Champion Heavyweight Gainer 900, 3.3 lbs.
 * Champion Heavyweight Gainer 900, 7 lbs.

Full Product details
Champion Nutrition's HeavyWeight Gainer 900 will put on the weight but what I personally do not like about it is that takes 4 scoops per serving and the sugar content is too high.  I've personally used this product many times over the years but as I become stricter with my diet the high sugar content becomes an issue.  In my personal opinion, Labrada's ProV60 is a much higher quality shake and an all around better buy. 

When I was younger, and had a hard time putting on weight, my only concern was consuming large amounts of calories.  Now that I have gotten a little older I have found that putting on weight is not a problem, however, I have also discovered that the weight I easily put on these days sits around my midsection.  I have learned over the years that quality is the key and in the long run quality will always beat out quantity.  I personally follow a strict diet for six days of the week and a high sugar protein supplement goes against my diet beliefs.  Unfortunately, the sugar content is just too high for me to recommend the 900 over other brands. 

Recommended Usage
Use 3 times daily: 45 minutes before training, immediately after training and 1 hour before bedtime.

Nutritional Facts
Serving Size (g) 154g
Calories 630
Fat Calories 80
Total Fat (g) 8.5
Sat. Fat (g) 1
Cholesterol (mg) 20
Sodium (mg) 550
Potassium (mg) 970
Total Carbs (g) 103
Dietary Fiber (g) 1
Sugars (g) 45
Proteins (g) 35

Metacarb-III (proprietary carbohydrate blend which contains: maltodextrin and modified food starches), Peptol-III (proprietary protein blend which contains: beef protein, whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolysate and egg albumen), whey, fructose, lowfat dutch cocoa, medium chain triglycerides, natural and artificial flavoring, Metavite-III (proprietary vitamin mineral blend containing: dicalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, potassium citrate, ascorbic acid, vitamin E acetate, niacinamide), etc.

Available Flavors
Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cinnamon Graham (availble in 7lb only)

7 lbs (21 servings) - $29.79 - Click here for details.
3.3 lbs (10 servings) - $17.79 - Click here for details.

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