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Maximum Weight Gain by Gary Matthews!
Review by Michael Hamer from Brisbane, Australia

A few years ago, I was just finishing high school and I paid my cousin Gary a visit to ask him if he could train me in the gym, I knew for a fact that he’s had quite a few years experience in personal training and specifically in training clients for bodybuilding. I asked him to train me in the gym because I wanted to put a bit of size, he said ok and he volunteered to be my personal trainer for a session. That day, he put me on a 20 minute program that he’d created, and which are currently included in the Maximum Weight Gain eBook. The basic philosophy was get into the gym and get out as quickly as you can, while doing as much as possible within a short period of time. For the next few months, I tried these 20 minute HIT workouts.

Like many, I made my first big mistake in the gym, which was to revert back to the standard workouts that I had been doing previously – the volume training where you do 3 or 4 sets per body part. At the gym, it would have taken me 45min to 1.5 hours to complete the exercises which was not what I wanted. After a while, I found that the volume training was causing my body to fall into plateaus all the time, and I wasn’t gaining much weight at all...

When Gary finished his eBook, I read Maximum Weight Gain in Ten Weeks, and it turns out that it wasn’t a hard read or difficult to comprehend at all – very simple. The program doesn’t ask much of you either, which means you don’t have to train everyday like an Olympic athlete. To my surprise, the program was exactly like the 20-minute program I started on! It took me a while to be convinced that this program was superior to the volume training most people are on, but I eventually reverted back to the Gary’s 20-minute training program.

"I actually put on more muscle using Gary’s program within a time period of 4 months then I did a whole year of volume training."

Just after I stopped volume training (the program which I was on before) I weighed about 200 lbs… I was always a fairly big boned bloke. After about 6 months of Training Gary’s way, I weight in at 222 lbs. Which was quite a reasonable gain!

Anyway, I highly recommend Gary’s eBook. It's a good read and tells you exactly what to do, without the B.S. I was working out about 3-4 days a week before, now I’m only working out 2 days a week. I had to put more effort into my workouts, train at a higher level of intensity but over the long run it works out much better. My lifestyle has improved also -- 2 days a week in the gym is all you need, instead of 4-5 days a week which most of these magazines suggest you have to do... don’t believe that crap, it’s really not necessary to train that many times.

Gary's 20-minute program is clearly one of the best bodybuilding programs I’ve ever tried. I've had a go at all sorts of exercises, isolation exercises, those workouts where you don’t need a gym – pushups, pull-ups, situps. Stuff like that. All that stuff just doesn’t work, as you’ll see from scientific principles..

Gary’s eBook is built upon actual scientific principles. I’ve had a number of chats with Gary before, and we’d go over a lot of theories, different theories of bodybuilding and weight loss… the theories that Gary put together to build this eBook. But the theories and principles that count (the ones from the eBook) have always stood, and always will stand…

"This program’s not from hearsay; one person in the gym telling another person in the gym what to do… its fully proven."

If you want to put on decent solid bodyweight, and you want to tone up, or you want to shed excess weight to make the most of your muscles visible, then Gary's short interval, high intensity exercises are the only way to go.

If you want to gain quality mass in a shorter time period, you should take advantage of Gary's eBook and read the advice carefully. You don’t need to train like an athlete, I know of a lot of programs that try to get you to train like an athlete, these programs will tell you that you have to workout everyday, put in so many hours in everyday… which is hard for most people, because they can't spare the hours!

Well thank heavens for the laws of physics, as they state that long hours in the gym isn't necessary. But don’t sweat, Gary doesn’t have anything like that in his program, for a complete muscle gain solution, there’s a better way.

For Gary Matthew's Maximum Weight Gain, click here!

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