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Maximum Weight Loss by Gary Matthews!
Review by Paul Crane @

A former fitness instructor for the Royal Australian Air Force, Gary Matthews' Maximum Weight Loss program is the result of 20 years of experience in gym, training and consulting clients. What is particularly gratifying about Gary's program is that it has been adapted to address the biggest concerns of his clients (I'll discuss this more in a moment), ultimately resulting in a practical, "do-able" program perfect for those who require results with a minimum number of training sessions.

The core philosophy of Maximum Weight Loss is that weight / resistance training, not aerobics, is the key to successful, long-term weight loss. Gary's absolutely right, of course, weight training is the key. Here's why...

Weight training builds lean muscle mass: this leads to an increased metabolic rate, meaning your body burns more calories at rest. How can this be? Well, lean tissue, or muscle, requires calories at all times (yes, even when you are resting). The more lean muscle you have, therefore, the greater the number calories you will burn sustaining those muscles. Better yet, a session of weight or resistance training can boost your metabolic rate for as much as 48 hours after the exercise session.

Conversely, aerobic activity is an inefficient method of burning calories, and does not lead to a significantly elevated metabolic rate after the period of exercise. While one can't dispute the cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary benefits of aerobic exercise, it is not nearly as effective an exercise for weight loss as weight or resistance training. If you spend an hour on a treadmill, for instance, you may burn about 600 calories. When you step off the treadmill, that period of increased caloric requirement and elevated metabolic rate ends. On the other hand, an 30-60 minute session of weight / resistance training can result in an elevated metabolic rate for up to two days after the session has been completed.

See the benefits?

Special note: Of course, weight / resistance training offers benefits as well -- heightened self-esteem, greater flexibility, strengthened ligaments, and tendons -- the list goes on and on.

OK... but there is one problem with any program that preaches weight / resistance training as a solution to weight loss...

Perception. Many people see weight training as something performed by 300 lb. steroid-popping behemoths. They just can't see themselves walking into a gym and "pumping iron". Fortunately, that's just not the case anymore -- walk into any gym anywhere, and you'll see men and women of all shapes and sizes (including seniors), incorporating weight / resistance training into their weight loss and fitness programs.

Sure, weight training can be particularly intimidating to women, beginners, and anyone who can't march into a gym and bench press 300 lbs. But here's where Maximum Weight Loss really shines...

It's a very accessible program (don't let its relatively short size fool you), offering a solid introduction (including photo demonstrations) to the basic exercises you need to know about, without overwhelming you with incomprehensible data.

Best part?

You only train once a week, for 20-30 minutes! (Earlier I mentioned how Gary modified Maximum Weight Loss to address the concerns of his clients. By implementing a single short, intense session once a week, Gary's clients were able to overcome the frustration of diminishing gains, as well as time constraints. While not everyone can get to the gym 3-4 times a week, a single session is well within the realms of practicality for just about anyone!).

Aesthetically, Maximum Weight Loss is an attractive, professionally formatted PDF ebook that's easy in the eyes, even on smaller monitors. It's a quick, unintimidating read (as is the accompanying Maximum Nutrition ebook, which also contains some good info, including a great section on food substitutions).

Bottom line?

A solid introduction to the weight loss benefits of weight training with "zero intimidation factor". If you're struck in a rut and need a program that will deliver real results without the treadmill, check out Maximum Weight Loss...

For Gary Matthew's Maximum Weight Loss, click here!

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