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How a Bodybuilding Diet Plan can work for you?


Gerald Gore's Bodybuilding diet planBodybuilders are the kings and queens of dieting and in no other sport has an athlete been able to demonstrate the ability to manipulate their physique like bodybuilders can. Because bodybuilders are so good at gaining and loosing body weight their bodybuilding diets, when adjusted properly to the individual, can be used to help anyone with their weight loss or weight gain goals.

When most people think about dieting they only envision themselves losing weight, however dieting is really a lot more complex then someone’s ability to lose weight. Yes there are diets that help people reduce their body fat percentage but there are also diets that help people gain weight too. When I first started lifting weights at the ripe old age of 14 years old I only weighed 82 pounds. Now, in my experience, being a young 82 pound 14 year old male was not a lot of fun. The only thing on my mind at that point of time was gaining muscle and gaining weight as fast as possible.

Ironically as I got older, also with the help of years of improper dieting behind me, I had the ability to not only easily gain weight but gain body fat too. It is hard to believe that I was able to take an 82-pound body that seemed unable to gain any weight to a body that weighed over 260 pounds. I would like to say that the 260-pound body was all muscle but unfortunately it wasn’t. On a 5 ft 8 inch frame I was carrying a lot of muscle at 260 but I was also carry a way too high body fat percentage too.

You see, I understand both emotionally and physically what it is like to be a skinny kid wanting to put on weight and what it is like to be an overweight adult looking to reduce their body fat percentage. I also understand, from being on both sides of the spectrum, that it is really up to you if you want to change your physique. For some the work is going to be harder then for others but if you put your mind to it you can accomplish your goals. I’ll give you tools that I have used to not only help me but also others shed away unwanted body fat, the information that I used to help me win three overall bodybuilding titles and information for those of you looking to put on some size. However no matter how much information I give you, it will be up to you whether or not you succeed or fail. It will take some hard work and discipline to reach your goals but if I can do it then anyone can.

Outlined below are links to a few free bodybuilding diet plans that you can use as examples to help you reach your goals. Please keep in mind that not all diet plans will work the same for everyone. However, these free diet plans are a good template for you to use to help you reach your goals.

Note: Dieting is only half of the equation to success where your workout is the second half. I’ll cover the workout details in another article.

Outlined in the bodybuilding diet plans below, I will first go over a bodybuilding competition diet, also called a precontest diet, that I used to win the overall title at the 1999 Caveman Classic. I will then go over the details for a weight loss diet that will help those of you looking to increase your metabolism. This is the diet that I am using today and one that has helped me lose almost 30 pounds and my wife over 35 pounds in a four month time frame. Last but not least I will outline a diet that I recommend for those of you looking to put on some weight.

Precontest diet (competition diet) - a detailed step by step documentation of the diet that I used to win the 1999 Caveman Classic.  Although the competition took place several years ago, it is the diet I plan that I used to bring a 242 pound (28% body fat percentage) body to 190 pound contest winning physique.

Weight loss diet - learn tips and tricks that will help you increase your metabolism for maximum weight loss.

Weight gain diet


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