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Competition Diet Plan Phase Three


Bodybuilding side chest poseI started Phase Three of my diet six and a half weeks out from the show.  I still felt that I was benefiting from the adjustments I made in Phase Two of my diet but I was still concerned that my body would adjust to the new diet.  My main goal at this point was to shock my system twice a week to keep my metabolism from adjusting to the changes that I had made in Phase Two of my diet.  This is the stage where I implemented the cheat meal, or what I like to refer to as a modified cheat meal, into the diet.  Basically what I did to shock my body at this stage was double up on my carbohydrate intake on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Phase Two: 6 1/2 weeks out from the competition.  Wednesdays and Sundays only (the rest of the week remained unchanged)

  Meal One (6:30 AM)  
    14 egg whites  
    10 TBSP Cream of Wheat  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
Meal Two (9:30/10:00 AM)
    2 cans of Tuna (in spring water)  
    1 1/2 cups of rice  
  Meal Three (12:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    12 oz potato  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
  Meal Four (3:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    1 cup of rice  
  Meal Five (6:00 PM)  
    8 oz Chicken breast  
    Salad or green beans (or broccoli)  
  Meal Six (8:30/9:00 PM)  
    14 egg whites  
    2 Multivitamins and 2 Multi-minerals  
  Calories: 3188  
  Carbs: 357.54  
  Protein:  345.8  
  Fats: 26.65  
  Fat % of Diet: 7.56%  

My water intake and the condiments that I used still did not change during this phase of the diet.  As you can see my carbohydrate intake jumped up a bit in this phase

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